With all the negativity surrounding the Stock Market and politics, lets talk like friends, and let me help you win too.  What Comes Next for the Stock Market all depends on how people interact with each other.  Have we evolved?  I sure hope so.  But cycles will inevitably happen in my opinion.  And here is the cycle we should watch.  It comes down to jobs as shown in the graph above, courtesy forexfactory.com.  

I could go into details with numbers, but the Devil is literally in the details.  For all the complexity there is in the world, at its core is good and evil.  And I promise to not burden you with details if it can be helped.  We need to watch this number like a hawk.  You see the pattern.  It speaks for itself.  If it starts turning down, watch out.  


The other number that needs to watched closely will be the difference between the 2 & 10 Year Yields.  It is currently at approximately .20.  We need to be very awake when that number grows to around .70. 

If you can keep an eye on these two numbers, we can win.  Together.